ATM robbery attempt at village Kavita

ATM robbery attempt at village Kavita

Failed attempt to ATM robbery in Kavita village.

ATM robbery attempt at village Kavita

Robbers were in for a disappointment when their attempt to rob SBI ATM failed. They tried to cut open ATM of SBI at village Kavita. Before this attempt, they threatened the security guard with air guns and even beat him up.

As per reports, 2 robbers reached bus stand on the night of 6th May in village Kavita. Security guard had dozed off, so the robbers stole the opportunity to blacken the screen of CCTV camera at the SBI ATM. Then one of the robbers even grabbed the security guard and the other one pulled down the shutter of ATM. The two robbers even bashed up the security guard and tied his mouth with a handkerchief. Showing an air gun they threatened him for life.

One of the security guards then brought a gas cutter. It took them almost one hour to break open the locks of ATM machine. To their disappointment, the gas cutter went short of gas and the robbers couldn’t succeed in extracting cash from the ATM. They rushed out of the SBI ATM and threatened the security guard to stay inside for next ten minutes else they would kill him. The robbers escaped in darkness.

Police team were informed who reached the site and checked CCTV footage. A hazy look of the robbers made it difficult for them to trace the culprits.

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