Case of fraud against an IVF centre in Udaipur

Case of fraud against an IVF centre in Udaipur

A woman accuses an IVF centre for cheating her.

Case of fraud against an IVF centre in Udaipur

A case of fraud has been registered against a reputed IVF centre in Udaipur. Reportedly, this case was purposely meant to defame the centre.

A woman from Surat (Gujarat) has claimed that she has been cheated by an IVF centre in Udaipur. She complained that she was in Udaipur to donate her eggs to an IVF centre. During the process, she experienced pain in her stomach after which she refused to undergo the process. She underwent a check-up later on 14th May as per which she was informed that there was swelling on her uterus. One of the staff injected her for treatment after which she became unconscious.

When she regained consciousness, she saw that her abdomen was covered with bandages. Later she was given one more injection. After this, she was given 25 thousand rupees and made to leave. She said that she went to another hospital for getting herself checked to find what had happened to her and she was informed that her eggs were taken out while she was unconscious. She lodged a case of fraud against the IVF centre.

As per details given by the director of the IVF centre, the woman is a regular donor. She has not been cheated at all. Laparoscopy was performed on her as she was detected with ovarian torsion. All relevant documents have been submitted to the police regarding the surgery performed on this woman. There is a probability that this woman was trying to defame this IVF centre purposely.

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