Cold waves hit Lake City

Cold waves hit Lake City

The afternoons are  not comfortable at all. 
Cold waves hit Lake City
Temperatures have dropped down as cold waves have brought a spine chilling winter.

It is a spine chilling winter in Lake City Udaipur. The temperatures have dropped down and the spine chilling winter can be felt even in the afternoon. 

The cold waves have hit Udaipur and the temperature has gone to 9 degrees with the maximum being 20 degrees. People are forced to sit by the fire even in the afternoons. A downfall in the temperature graph is being obsevred since past 2-3 days.

The chill is getting unbearable as the cold waves coming from the northern part of India have dropped the temperatures to a great extent because of snowfall, rain and hail storm. The old and the aged have no other option but to be by the fire all the time. 

People are suffering from cold and fever. The aged and the children need to be taken care of well in this season. Proper diet is recommended along with keeping head and feet wrapped in woollens. 

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