COMPLETE LOCK DOWN IN INDIA from MIDNIGHT today | 21 DAYS Lockdown declared by PM Modi

COMPLETE LOCK DOWN IN INDIA from MIDNIGHT today | 21 DAYS Lockdown declared by PM Modi

LAXMAN REKHA on each of your doorstep will save you and save the Country
COMPLETE LOCK DOWN IN INDIA from MIDNIGHT today | 21 DAYS Lockdown declared by PM Modi

Jaan hai tau Jahaan Hai - Humein Apna Sankalp Nibhana Hai - Apna Vachan Nibhana Hai

Pray for the Doctors and Nurses, Police, Paramedical Staff, Ambulance Drivers, Cleaners at the Hospitals, Cleaners who are sanitizing neighborhoods

Pray for the Media, who are going on the roads, visiting Hospitals to get you news

Prime Ministers has declared a 21 day Lockdown in India from midnight today.

SALIENT POINTS from the PMs Speech to get the message  across:

In his message to the nation he said that India has shown its defiance to Coronavirus through the Janta Curfew.  The only solution to this problem is Social Distancing.  There is no other alternative to this.  He reiterated that India is at such a stage where the decision taken today will define where the nation will stand in the next couple of months. 

Social Distancing is meant for everyone. Individuals, families, groups.  A few peoples' carelessness, and misunderstanding of the seriousness of the problem will cause a lot of issues, he added.  The spread of the coronavirus is set to cause a serious problem across the country. If not cared for properly, India might need to pay a huge price for this.  We have no idea of what kind of price we might have to pay.

Entire families could be wiped out if this infection spreads.

PM Modi said that this decision has come in the wake of current numbers and the lessons learnt from countries who are suffering as well as those who have taken corrective action and are seeing positive results.

The government is taking all necessary steps to ensure that the economically downtrodden will be taken care of.

Country's healthcare infrastructure will be immediately given a boost of Rs 15,000 Crore to prepare for the Coronavirus Pandemic.  Hospital Infrastructure, training of healthcare specialists, will be increased substantially.  State Governments have been instructed to ensure that healthcare is given the only priority.

Narendra Modi also requested that no medication be taken without consulting a medical practitioner.  Social Media advices to be avoided.

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