COVID Update @ Udaipur | Two Patients show strains of Coronavirus in repeat test

COVID Update @ Udaipur | Two Patients show strains of Coronavirus in repeat test

The two Coronavirus positive patients declared today are not new patients, but the same who were already in hospital for being Corona Positive along with the 15 year old boy (2 April) and undergoing treatment.  Their repeat tests have shown strains of the virus. The 15 year old Boy, is, however in fine condition.
COVID Update @ Udaipur | Two Patients show strains of Coronavirus in repeat test
This will not affect the transition of lockdown relief in Udaipur

A day before the lockdown restrictions being eased across the country, two patients who were already admitted in the Corona ward at Maharana Bhupal Hospital in Udaipur, have once again tested positive for Coronavirus in their repeat test.

This was reported by CMHO Dr Dinesh Kharade, who said that these are not additional patients, but belonging to the same earlier group who were isolated as part of the family who tested positive along with the primary carrier, a 15 year old boy who had returned from Indore.

As per the CMHO, the two patients had been declared negative a week ago, but on the third test conducted today, were once again showing symptoms of the virus.  This is a routine occurence in any such treatment and there is nothing to worry about.  The team had ensured that these patients, although recovering and testing negative on their repeat tests, were not declared completely recovered, and are being tested and retested repeatedly.  The patients who have once again shown strains of the novel coronavirus are the aunt of the 15 year old boy, who is also a nurse in the Swine Flu ward at MB Hospital, and her husband.

This does not indicate that new patient have been found positive in Udaipur, maintaining the status quo for Udaipur, as far as releasing the restrictions of lockdown is concerned.

Residents are however being advised to be very cautious in the near and distant future on their interaction and commute and adhere to social distancing norms in full compliance. The behavior and interactions of the people in the coming days of relaxation of lockdown will determine how much of the battle against coronavirus is remaining and what are the charge points.

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