Discharge certificate to 4 kids working as bonded labour

Child labour rescued from Mumbai.

Discharge certificate to 4 kids working as bonded labour

4 teenagers were rescued from Mumbai last week and have been issued bonded labour discharge certificate by Kurla ADM, Mumbai. The teenagers rescued from a tiffin centre in Kurla, Mumbai, will now go back to their hometown in Saira village. Kurla CWC will make a team and bring back the 4 teenagers to Udaipur who were working as bonded labour.

Some teenagers from Saira were taken to Mumbai by Bhanwar Lal, an agent from Pali, who took these children on the pretext of good job and salary. One of these kids fell sick as they were not provided food on time and forced to work for longer hours. This sick kid was sent back to his village. During a labour helpline programme in the village, this kid related the story of the sufferings that a child labour undergoes. This instigated the investigation after the labour helpline contacted Kurla administration about child labour in the tiffin centre.

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