Drive or walk? Shrinking roads in Udaipur

Drive or walk? Shrinking roads in Udaipur 

Udaipur roads have become worse. You can neither walk nor drive in comfort.
Drive or walk? Shrinking roads in Udaipur
Road work, pot holes, and loads of other reasons have shrunk the city's roads. Is this actually a city?

Shall we talk more or shall we first ease our aching backs? Moving out in the city has become a hell or let's say that we now know it is similar to something disgusting that we had never imagined as citizens of Udaipur.

The roads in Udaipur are in a pathetic condition. It has become impossible to drive and walk on these roads. Any kind of development regarding roads is not welcome anymore. 

I have spent an entire day on a two-wheeler today hoping that moving on a scooter would make things easy and also save driving time on these roads. But to my despair, even my 2-wheeler tells me to keep it inside for the time till the roads are repaired.

My fingers are still aching with the efforts to balance the scooter on the city roads where a 2-way traffic has been reduced to one way and the almost narrowed roads in certain areas. My back aches and I seriously wish that I do not get any work that involves moving out in the city areas specially the ones that need me to cross Khanjipeer, Bapu Bazar, Ashwini Market, Chetak Circle and Ambamata. Not to mention the Hiranmagri roads...anything else left in city limits?

I witnessed old people trying to keep themselves safe while walking on the roads as they had to maintain a balance between their staggering feet and covering their faces. Dust, smoke and the mosquitoes have shown a part of hell on Udaipur roads.

Wonder if this is a trailer of the making of hell!! When are we going to see the beautiful side of Udaipur city? Forget about the lakes and the tourist spots...we need rest.

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