Duped in the name of employment

Duped in the name of employment

A pvt.ltd.co. holds people hostage in the name of employment.

Duped in the name of employment

A private limited company has been accused of cheating unemployed people. Not just this, there are reports against the company for holding people as hostages.

A man from the rural area has lodged a complaint against Glaze India Pvt. Ltd. for holding people as hostages in the name of employment. Devi Lal Keer reported to the police that this company calls people for providing employment but actually robs them off a lot of money and even forces people to register the names of friends and family in the company’s diary. The company also forces people to become a part of their networking market.

Devi Lal was called by his friend Kanhaiya Lal to Udaipur for the purpose of employment. His friend also asked him to bring along an amount of 16,500 rupees as security deposit. On 10th February, Devi Lal reached Udaipur with the requested amount. He was met by a Narayan Lal, an employee of Glaze India, instead of his friend at Savina. This company employee took Devi Lal to the branch office in Savina. Kanhaiya was present in the branch office along with some other youths. Kanhaiya, on seeing Devi Lal, blurted out that Devi was not supposed to be there. He also said that he was threatened to call Devi Lal and a lot of other people.

Devi Lal told police that when he refused to make calls to his friends and family, he was taken to Sector 12. There the company people pretended that he would be provided with some training needed to work in the company. He was asked to create a chain of people who would join the company as per their rules. He also said that he was held captive for 3 days and was being forced to involve more people in the networking system of the company. Somehow he managed to escape and reported the whole incident to the police. A case of fraud has been registered against Glaze India Pvt. Ltd. for cheating people in the name of employment and for using unfair means.

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