Government school teacher accused of hitting student

Teacher accused of hitting a child for not attending rehearsals.

Government school teacher accused of hitting student

A government school teacher has been accused of hitting a student who refused to be a part of parade rehearsals in school. The student went home crying and showed his bruises to the parents accusing the teacher of his school in Bheelu Rana colony for hitting him severely.

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Shyam Mali told his parents that the teacher Vishnu Saxena hit him with stick on his thighs when he refused to attend the rehearsals for the Republic Day. When the teacher was approached about this issue, he denied having hit the child. He said that the child was not attending school since long and refused to attend the PT and parade rehearsals. The teacher also said that when he asked the student, he simply refused saying he was not willing to do any sort of PT or parade. After this the teacher added that he did not hit the child but simply sent him home.

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