Conservation Concerns: Forest Department Investigates Hotel in Eco-Sensitive Zone of Badi Lake

Conservation Concerns: Forest Department Investigates Hotel in Eco-Sensitive Zone of Badi Lake

Dispute arises over hotels in eco-sensitive zone during Mahaseer Fish conservation meeting...

Badi Garh Udaipur Hotel
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In a recent meeting held by the Forest Department to discuss the conservation of Mahaseer fish, a contentious issue emerged regarding the approval of hotels within eco-sensitive zones. Officials acknowledged the presence of a hotel operating under a farmhouse lease within one such zone. However, they have deferred the decision to the Udaipur Development Authority (UDA) for resolution. The Collector has now requested a response from the UDA regarding this matter.

Hotel Construction in Eco-Sensitive Zone

During the meeting, concerns were raised about the Badi Garh hotel, situated on disputed UDA land within the eco-sensitive zone of Badi Lake. Although there are restrictions on new constructions in these zones, ongoing hotel developments have persisted, prompting calls for thorough inspections.

Chairing the meeting, District Collector Arvind Poswal asked  forest officials for clarification. It was revealed that the hotel in question was constructed on land leased for a farmhouse, which includes portions owned by the UDA. This issue, however, falls outside the jurisdiction of the Forest Department. Satellite imagery further indicates the proximity of the hotel to the eco-sensitive zone's designated green line.

Officials, speaking on the condition of anonymity, mentioned that the hotel is owned by a contractor associated with the UIT, complicating direct regulatory actions by officials.

UDA officials are now tasked with conducting an investigation and providing necessary information to the administration for further action.

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