Incidents of stone pelting at Udaipur-Pindwara highway

Incidents of stone pelting at Udaipur-Pindwara highway

Be careful if you are travelling on the Udaipur-Pindwara highway.

Incidents of stone pelting at Udaipur-Pindwara highway

There have been reports of stones being thrown at vehicles at Udaipur-Pindwara highway over the past week. The incidents have taken place at Ukhaliyat tunnel. A lot of people have reported that the glasses of their vehicles have been broken due to this stone pelting. Though there have been no reports of any kind of robbery.

This is same route which was famous for nuisance by the tribes and people used to avoid this Udaipur-Pindwara highway in the evening time as the tribes or the miscreants used to block roads and rob people. The incidents used to happen almost 8 years back. Now the same kind of nuisance is happening again where stones are thrown at vehicles passing through this route causing damage. Since this is a hilly region, stone pelters take advantage of night hours; throw stones and escape in the hills. Police has not yet been able to identify or catch any of these miscreants. Just a few suspects have been arrested and are being investigated by Gogunda police.

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As reported by Operations Manager of 108 ambulance, he was on his way from Sirohi at around 6 p.m. There was a zebra crossing at Bekariya-Devli choraha. He saw 4 men who were 500 metres away from the tunnel. One of these men came forward with a stone in hand and threw the stone at the manager’s car. The stone landed at the bonnet of the car. The manager sped away from the area and informed Gogunda police.

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