Jewellery worth more than 5 lakhs stolen from Pratapnagar

Jewellery worth more than 5 lakhs stolen from Pratapnagar

A house in Pratapnagar has possibly been targetted by acquaintances.

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Jewellery worth more than 5 lakhs stolen from Pratapnagar

A family in Pratapnagar area went to Nakoda ji on Saturday evening. Upon their return they discovered that their house was burgled and valuables worth 5 lakh plus were taken away by the burglars.

Rajkumar Jain reported in Pratapnagar police station that the glass wall on one side of their house was broken by thieves and the entire house was ransacked. The cupboard locks were broken and things were left lying on the floor. The burglars seemed to have done a thorough search of the house after which they took away 80,000 rupees in cash and jewellery which was worth more than 5 lakh rupees. A smart phone was also taken away by them.

There are all the possibilities that someone who knows the family well has committed this crime. Jain also said that the chances of an acquaintance cannot be ruled out as the family has a ritual of going to Nakoda ji for every ‘poornima’ and only somebody who is aware of this was probably waiting for them to go this time. He added that last time he went out for 10 days but it was not the same occasion and that time his house was safe. Jain also informed police that his sanitary ware shop was being targetted since last 2 years on the occasion of navratri. This navratri it was not targetted, instead his house became the centre of attraction for thieves.

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Police searched through the CCTV footage but didn’t get any clue and this also confirms that there is someone who knows all the arrangements. There is all the likelihood that some juvenile delinquent committed this crime as the space in the broken glass panel is very little and is suggestive of a child entering the house. The space is not enough for a well grown adult.

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