Land sinks over 4 year old tunnel

Land sinks over 4 year old tunnel

Land sunk over tunnel meant to fill lakes of Udaipur.

Land sinks over 4 year old tunnel

A piece of land sunk over a tunnel that was made to fill the lakes of the city through Akodara-Madri dam under Dewas-II project.

The piece of land measuring 100 X 50 feet sank over the tunnel in between Karnali to Damarwada. It is being said that during the construction of tunnel, a cavity pocket was noticed but ignored. This cavity pocket caused the land to sink over the tunnel.  The department is trying to evade the matter.

The water from Akodara and Madri dams goes to Lake Pichola via Kodiyat. Eye witnesses claim that the area of sunken land kept on increasing and went upto 100 feet long and 50 feet deep by 9 a.m. on Friday. The pit caused by the sinking land is creating fear among the villagers of the nearby areas as well.

The Akodara-Madri tunnel is beneath hillocks. Villagers work in this area whole day long. Their houses are also built on these hillocks. If the land sinks, the houses will also go down which can result in loss of life.

As per Brijesh Gupta, Girwa Tehsildar, specialists have been called to investigate the scene. Sign boards have been put up to make the people aware of the danger in the area. It has also been said that the department will leave water in the tunnel with full speed. Only then the scene will be clear whether the tunnel has sunk or the land above it. Prima facie, it is not a situation of the tunnel sinking. Water flowing in the tunnel with speed proves that tunnel is not damaged.

source : patrikanews

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