National LOCKDOWN in India on Sunday 22 March | Prime Minister Modi seeks support from the Nation

National LOCKDOWN in India on Sunday 22 March | Prime Minister Modi seeks support from the Nation

Prime Minister Modi announces JUNTA CURFEW on 22 March, Sunday from 7AM till 10PM
National LOCKDOWN in India on Sunday 22 March | Prime Minister Modi seeks support from the Nation

JUNTA CURFEW on Sunday 22 March - all to stay home | Critical Service operators have no option but to leave home

NO HOARDING and NO PANIC BUYING | Government will ensure that food items, milk, critical care and medical supplies are available in abundance

Hold of routine doctor visits and non criticall surgeries for at least a month

Advises businesses not to cut salaries for employees who are not able to come to work during the next couple of weeks - Support the Middle Class and Lower Class

Economic Crisis is imminent - COVID19 Economic Response Task Force will be in place

Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, sounded off the global panndemic in his address to the nation on television today at 8PM.

Modi announced a Nationwide JUNTA CURFEW on Sunday, 22 March.  A curfew imposed For the People, Of The People, Imposed on Themselves By the People.

State Governments have been directed to ensure that JUNTA CURFEW is in place. All local administrative bodies, social organisations, media specially, need to ensure that Junta Curfew is announced across societies, communities, villages and towns  - this will be a service the citizens will give to the nation.

During the JUNTA CURFEW, all citizens need to to stay put at home. Those in critical public services will leave home for work as there is no other alternative.  Accordingly, at 5PM on Sunday, 22 March, every individual will stand on the doors of their home, on windows, on terraces and do a grand appreciation for the services provided by those in public service - doctors, armed forces, Police, bus drivers, bus operators, train operators, flight operators, truck drivers, cleaners, sanitary workers, milkmen, newspaper delivery boys, food delivery teams, grocery stores, nurses, medical stores, etc.

He said that local admnistrative bodies need to ensure that a siren is sounded across towns, cities and villages at 5PM to invite people to express their solidarity with the workers of the nation, by clapping hands, sounding horns, bells, sounding off metal, and in whatever way they can express their appreciation.

The JUNTA CURFEW will be an example to the world of how the citizens come forward to protect themselves and their countrymen and women in times of need.

Narendra Modi, in the earlier part of his address, classified the CORONAVIRUS PANDEMIC as a bigger calamity than the WORLD WAR 1 and WORLD WAR 2.  He began his speech by making this statement and asking the citizens of the country for a favour to support the government and healthcare services in containing the spread of this pandemic in India.

In his speech, he reiterated that the government is closely following the trend of the spread of Coronavirus in other countries and the trends show that after the initial stage, the affect of the pandemic is exponential... single digit cases are turning into hundreds and thousands in a matter of days.  This infection has no vaccine and no defined cure, though some cases have been resolved.  So it is natural to be contained and natural to be concerned.

He added that some countries have taken tough decisions which are taken tough decisions.  This, he said, is necessary during the times of any such pandemic, be it health related or political, like in the case of War. India, a country of 130 Crore people is dedicated to develpment, and the pandemic is not something that needs to be taken casually. Citizen support needs to be monumental.

Stating that Determination and Restraint are critical to the nation in self containment against the pandemic, he reiterated that the Central Government, in association with the State Government and local administrative bodies as well as social organisations willl ensure that this period passes quietly and smoothly.  There will of course be hurdles, but nothing that we as citizens are not able to take control of.

His directions also included self care, self restraint and determination from every individual.  He suggested that all citizens above the age of 60-65 years refrain from leaving the assurance and protection of their homes.

While saying this, Narendra Modi gave an example of the times of War, when entiire cities and villages were blacked out. Windows and homes were deliberately darkened.  People used to keep vigil all night.  Even if there was no attack, prevention and restraint was followed to be prepared for worst times.

Apart from the JUNTA CURFEW, Prime Minister Narendra Modi requested all citizens to ensure that they support the healthcare system, which is already under tremendous pressure, by avoiding routine checkups over the next few weeks.  In case of emergencies only should a visit to a doctor or to the hospital be mandated. Non critical surgeries should also be put off for a month.

He also requested that the middle and lower class will be the most affected due to the situation, which is surely going to spiral into an economic crisis.  He advised restraint and requested business and shop owners not to cut salaries of their employees who cannot make it to work during these couple of weeks.  He said that family is important for everybody. Hence, though expectations are not met during such times, citizen to citizen support will go a long way in ensuring that this crisis passes safely for all, with the minimum damage, both, to health and financially..

He added, that in order to address the economic crises caused by the Coronavirus Pandemic, the government of India, under the Finance Ministry, has set up at COVID19 Economic Response Task Force, which will be taking regular decisions to manage the situation, after discussions with closely appointed stake holders on how to overcome the economic crises.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi ended his address with जनता की विजय | देश की विजय | दुनिया की विजय |  मानव जाती की विजय 

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