Negligence of public during lockdown-Morning walks continue

Negligence of public during lockdown-Morning walks continue

Despite directives issued by administration, public is still moving out for morning walks and some of them are without masks.
Negligence of public during lockdown-Morning walks continue
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Panther alert has been issued in the university area. But people are not bothered.

It is not a shocking news anymore that a panther was spotted in MPUT area. Administration even planted alerts regarding the same, yet public has been seen moving out for morning walks. A blue-bull was hunted down by a panther and people were directed to stay indoors but all directives are being ignored.

As it is, the lockdown period demands that people stay indoors and move out only for emergency purposes. The university area public seems to be extremely undaunted by this and is moving out regularly for morning walks. They are negligent of the fact that they are in double danger because of covid19 and panther attack. 

Social distancing is being ignored, lockdown is of course not being taken care of (probably people feel that the virus and panther do not attack in the morning), masks are not being used by all, and the fearless are on their walks including children.

The areas where people have been spotted on morning walks are the areas of university, RTO office road, and the MPUT campus. Morning walks are an important part of everybody's daily exercise regime but they are forgetting that there is no such discrimination done by either the virus or the wild beasts. Covid19 and panther attack can happen anytime but people are keeping all directives and safety at bay. 

It is hereby requested to give up on morning walks on the roads. This regime can be followed inside the safety of houses, terrace and all such enclosures. You may move out if you do not want to live a peaceful life or if you love a one-to-one with a wild beast. The ball is in your court now.

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