Neonate abandoned in hospital by mother

Neonate abandoned in hospital by mother

A female neonate abandoned in hospital by mother.

Neonate abandoned in hospital by mother

A young girl left her newly born child in MB Hospital and disappeared with her companions. The entire hospital was shocked to discover this neonate with no trace of mother around.

Witnesses claim that an 18 year old girl visited MB Hospital Emergency ward around 11:50 p.m. on Monday with a male and female companion and left after 10 minutes leaving the neonate behind. On the other hand, hospital authorities and doctors are denying any delivery happening that night. The young girl registered herself as Pinki. The people accompanying her said that she had a stomach ailment and made her lie behind the curtain. They did not allow anyone to go near her on the pretext that she was changing clothes behind the curtain.

10 minutes later, all three of them left the emergency ward and did not return for around 10 minutes. After a while everyone present heard a baby crying behind the curtain. They saw a female neonate lying there and this created enough chaos in the hospital. Guards on duty rushed out to catch hold of the 3 people but they could not be found anywhere. Late night, the neonate was shifted to the nursery from where she will be taken to Palnagrah.

As per doctor on duty in Emergency ward, the delivery did not take place in MB Hospital. There are all the possibilities that the young girl hid the baby in her clothes and brought her to the hospital. The delivery has taken place elsewhere as the umbilical cord was well cut. Had the delivery taken place on MB Hospital that night, there would have been enough of bleeding but there was very less blood found on the spot.

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