Precious statues stolen from Rajasthan not yet recovered

Precious statues stolen from Rajasthan not yet recovered

Statues of archaeological importance stolen from Rajasthan have not been recovered till date.

Precious statues stolen from Rajasthan not yet recovered

In the past 18 years, many precious statues have been stolen from Rajasthan. Surprisingly only one has been recovered.

Rajasthan has many temples which are of archaeological importance. The statues in these temples have been the target of smugglers since long. Even museums have been robbed despite all the security systems. It is certainly a matter of concern since police is still investigating these robberies. Because of their antique value, these statues of deities have always attracted people dealing in smuggled goods. But the shocking part is that none of the robbers or smugglers have been arrested till date.

Udaipur has 6 such temples of archaeological value from where statues have been stolen. There are 342 temples of archaeological importance in the state of Rajasthan. 19 such temples are in Udaipur. None of the stolen statues have been recovered and some cases have been closed. Investigations and researches in these cases have borne no fruit. Surprisingly police have not been able to nab any of the smugglers or robbery gangs. Reports say that arrests were made only in the case of robbery done in Osian in Jodhpur district. Apart from this, police hasn’t been successful anywhere. Cases are either lying pending or have been closed by the respective police stations in the absence of any evidence or clue.

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