Ruchita murder case-One year of ongoing trauma

Ruchita murder case-One year of ongoing trauma

One year of trauma for Advocate Ruchita's family.

Ruchita murder case-One year of ongoing trauma

It has been a year since December 1st 2016. Ruchita murder case is still fresh in the minds of public. One can imagine the plight of family.

The utmost sufferers when a woman dies are her children. In this case, it was not a normal death. Advocate Ruchita, mother of 2 children, was murdered in her flat in Orbit Complex. Since then, these two children, Avishi and Arnav, are not yet back to normal. The memories are still fresh in their tender minds. The sound of call bell arouses fear in them and they grip each others’ hands tightly. They do not even latch the bathroom door. For them sleeping with lights on is the only way to sleep, else darkness makes their fears grow.

Though father KB Gupta has tried his level best to keep the kids away from anything that makes them relive those dark memories, yet certain things can’t be ruled out that early. He changed his house, changed the children’s school and even took them to a doctor for consultation. For all this, his business suffered but he is still trying his level best to restore a normal life for his children. The impact has been so devastating that the children stopped attending parties and did not even celebrate festivals in the past one year.

The case is still going on in Chittorgarh court. Divya Kothari, the killer, is not a mental patient but an appeal has been given in the court by his parents stating that he is a mental case. Next hearing of the case is on 5th December. It may be noted that Udaipur lawyers had refused to take up the case of Divya Kothari. It was submitted by police and doctors that mental condition of Divya Kothari is not what his parents are trying to prove. He has not even misbehaved with any of the policemen while being taken to court for hearings.

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