Side effect of “Glanders” disease-Udaipur horses facing neglect

Side effect of “Glanders” disease-Udaipur horses facing neglect

Udaipur horses are eclipsed by the fear of glanders.

Side effect of “Glanders” disease-Udaipur horses facing neglect

Glanders is a rare contagious disease that mainly affects horses which causes swelling below the jaw and mucous discharge through nostrils. It was in October 2017 when horses in Udaipur were hit by this disease and there were reports of 27 horses dying in Udaipur region. Administration had laid a ban on the use of horses for wedding purposes then.

The issue now is that the horses are free from glanders, have been cured well yet the side effect i.e. fear is stopping the age old traditional horse owners in Udaipur from buying and selling horses. This has impacted business worth crores of rupees. Horses are used in shows, sports and wedding seasons. Now no horse from Mewar is being sent out as the district has not yet been declared free of glanders. Horse rearing families are greatly affected by this.

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It may be noted that the disease is contagious and affects humans with great speed. After the proper treatment of the horses, it has been found that Udaipur has not been affected by glanders in the past 6 to 7 months but it is depressing for the owners that the declaration of glander-free zone is yet to be done.

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