Spine chilling cold engulfs Udaipur city again

Spine chilling cold engulfs Udaipur city again

The shivers are back as temperature drop and cold waves make masses hide in comfort.
Spine chilling cold engulfs Udaipur city again
The hustle and bustle of the city has suffered because of extreme cold.

It is extremely cold again as the temperatures have dropped down to a great extent in a single day.The shivers could be felt the entire day on Thursday.

The maximum temperature dropped down by 5 degrees and the minimum dropped by 7 degrees. Spine chilling winter could be experienced from the night of Wednesday itself as cold waves once again disrupted life.

On Thursday cold waves made the people hide behind blankets and quilts and the old and aged and even the labourers working on construction sites could be seen finding comfort at the fire side during afternoon hours. 

It may also be noted that the tourist spots which are normally frequented during the afternoons could be seen almost deserted in the presence of cold waves. 
The speed of the wind was recorded at 10 km/hr and the western depression has brought clouds and cold waves which is likely to continue for some time. 


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