Temperature fluctuations-Graph goes up by 3 degrees

Temperature fluctuations-Graph goes up by 3 degrees

The nights have gone warmer and humidity can be witnessed in the early morning hours. 
Temperature fluctuations-Graph goes up by 3 degrees
A 3-day spell of rain has been predicted. 

The hide and seek of temperature can be witnessed throughout Rajasthan. A rise of 3 degrees was much obvious as the night went warmer and the "gulabi thand" effect disappeared. 

Minimum temperature on Thursday was recorded at 22.6 which was 18.8 a day earlier. Udaipur became the 5th city to have recorded a rise in temperatures in the state. Jaipur was the highest with 25.6 degrees as the minimum. Jaipur was followed by Kota at 24.6, Bikaner 24.5, Barmer at 23.5. 

Meanwhile rain has been predicted in Mewar for 3 days, mild rain and thunder can be experienced all over. The depression in weather over Telangana has created a weather disturbance all over the nation. Maharashtra is also experiencing a tough time. 

Thursday was a cloudy day but heat could be felt as the weather was quite still. Where the days and nights had become somewhat comfortable and fullsleeved dresses had come out of the cupboards, there the rise in temperature has forced people to get back to their previous attire. Let us see what more the rains bring with them. Just pray that the situations remain under control and we don't have to face what Telangana is facing. 

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