Theft in lone house in Gokul village, Savina

Theft in lone house in Gokul village, Savina

Lone houses are being targetted by thieves.

Theft in lone house in Gokul village, Savina

A lone house in Gokul village of Savina area was victimised by thieves on Tuesday night. Computers, LED TV and other valuables were stolen from the house which was discovered by the owner’s father-in-law when he went there to water the plants. The assessment of the worth of the stolen things will be possible only after the owner’s return from Nepal.

The owner’s father-in-law informed police that Wednesday morning he went to his son-in-law’s residence to take care of the plants which was his routine. He discovered that the main gate’s lock was broken and things were lying here and there in the house. He also said that a duplicate key to the main gate has been given to the neighbour as well so that he can turn on the lights in the evening time.

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One other victim whose lone house was robbed on 21st May said that he was away to Madhya Pradesh for a wedding. His wife had gone to Kota for their son’s education. 2 lakh rupees, jewellery and expensive watches were stolen from his house. When he lodged a complaint in the police station, he was told by police to stay away from media on the grounds that thieves would get a chance to escape if the news is circulated. CCTV footages show the culprits but police has not yet checked the footages and no action has been taken. On the other hand police says that the CCTV footages do not give any clue about the thieves.

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