Udaipur COVID Update | 248 Positive - MBGH Nurse lures Corona to North Udaipur

Udaipur COVID Update | 248 Positive - MBGH Nurse lures Corona to North Udaipur

Rigorouse sampling in infected areas and progressive sampling in other areas of the walled city viz. Silawatwadi is in progress.
Udaipur COVID Update | 248 Positive - MBGH Nurse lures Corona to North Udaipur
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All close contacts of Alipura driver have returned negative

After Dewali, the reach of Coronavirus to Panchratan Complex has turned North Udaipur into a possible containment zone.  Udaipur positive hit 248 as of 5pm today.

Adding 25 to its tally of 223 on 12 May, the city count, which was just 4 in the first week of May, is now touching 248. 

Pursuant to the positive case from Alipura, samples from the area were taken and all 37 samples from Alipura turned negative.  The first lot of 70 samples late night today were all negative.

At 0945hrs today, the first lot of 155 samples consisted of 13 positive.  These consisted of 6 from Kanji ka Hata (Surajpol PS), 2 from Gulab Bagh area (Surajpol PS); 2 from Jawad village (Udaipur Rural), 1 from Sector 14 in Hiran Magri and 1 from Savina. As per CMHO, the positive case from Sector 14 belongs to the Shiv Park area and stays near the Shiv temple.

The 1230hrs report  today consisted of 93 samples of which 10 were declared positive. All 10 belonged to Kanji ka Hata (Surajpol PS).  This took the total count to 246. Dr Dinesh Kharade, CMHO, informed that rigorous sampling of the walled city area is being done to ensure that all possible sources of leakage are plugged, now that the blast zone is identified.

He further informed that comprehensive sampling in other linked areas of the walled city like Silawat wadi is also being done today.  The results will allow the administration to form an opinion on the possibility of the spread.

The latest sampling results added two more to the growing tally of Udaipur.  The two cases, which took the tally to 248, belong to  Panchratan Complex in Fatehpura and Salumber. The case from Panchratan Complex in Fatehpura, is that of a nurse from the MB General Hospital, which is supposedly linked to the other nurse who was found positive earlier. Hence the source for Panchratan is identified as MB general hospital.  The addition to the Salumber case is from the family of the earlier infected patient.  Most of the patients are asymptomatic.

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