Udaipur Lockdown | Police making efforts but instances of hooliganism cannot be ignored

Udaipur Lockdown | Police making efforts but instances of hooliganism cannot be ignored

Most people are resilient however some may cause damage to the safety fabric of the city; Police needs to be sensitized further. They are the true guardians though
Udaipur Lockdown | Police making efforts but instances of hooliganism cannot be ignored
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Discipline Outside a Grocery Store in Gujarat - Can we resonate with this?

India Lockdown has begun today and the perceptions and apprehensions of the people are conflicting with the responsibilities of the administration and the dearth of sensitisation of Police towards the needs of the public.

Udaipur, like any other city, has shown true resilience in the form of public support to the administration and at the same time administration and police are leaving no stone unturned in ensuring that they are able to perform their duty towards the people of the city, under the current circumstances.

Ashwani Bazar Road, UDAIPUR - 25 March
Hathipol, UDAIPUR - 25 March
LIC Office Delhigate - Security Guard is Sanitizing everyone... Controlled Entry
Fatehpura Circle - Sukhadia Circle Road | Police Checkpoint
Fatehpura Circle - Fatehsagar Road 25 March

However, since the lockdown was announced yesterday evening, some people would need some extra effort on their part to prepare for being at home regularly for 21 days at a stretch.

He was bringing home a Gas Cylinder to prepare for Lockdown. Left Stranded by Police

One such incidence reflected the lack of sensitivity of the police and lack of empathy as well....this video shows how a man (in the picture above), was carriyng a gas cylinder from Bedla to his home in Loera.  The police stopped his vehicle and rather than hear him out or understand his situation, threw out the cylinder and took his car to the police station.

On the other hand, some residents of town, were seen serving tea and Chhach to the police while the police were doing their efforts on the road too ensure that law and order and discipline is maintained.

People are staying low and only leaving the safety of their homes to purchase the necessities for a routine day - food, water, milk, medicine, etc. However, the lack of caution and exercise of discipline is missing. Some people are really not taking care and creating rush in local groceries inspite of warnings.

People queueing up in panic outside a department store after 8"PM" Announcement
People Queueing up at a Grocery Store on 25 March. Store is taking care by restricting entry, however, there is no discipline outside

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