Udaipur tourism-Interpretation Centre faces neglect

Udaipur tourism-Interpretation Centre faces neglect

The Interpretation Centre meant for tourists needs to highlighted.

Udaipur tourism-Interpretation Centre faces neglect

The Interpretation Centre made by UIT in the Tourism Reception Centre is facing neglect. Reportedly the construction of this centre attracted a budget of around 40 lakh rupees. The matter of concern is that it is lying neglected since last 3 years.

The Interpretation Centre has information of various tourist points of Udaipur, it has all the details of eco-tourism sites and many other details relevant from tourism point of view. BUT the centre is yet to have any visitors and has stayed behind locks since long. It may be noted that that this modern technology centre has 3 touch screen monitors where tourists can search required details. It has a beautiful architecture with modern technology lighting systems. Sadly no one even has a clue that this place exists.

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Deputy Director for tourism, Shikha Saxena said that tourism department has been requested to highlight this interpretation centre as it has not been opened in the last 3 years. There are only 3 staff members and no one is expert in the field of information and technology. The issue was also raised in a meeting of District Tourism Development Committee but government and the administrative officers have not yet taken any step regarding this. The centre must be brought to use else all the investment will go waste.

The aim of the Interpretation Centre was to provide detailed information of the city for the facility of tourists but since there are a lot of web sites and mobile apps available, tourists do not even head to this place for information.

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