Unnamed note pasted on Tagore’s statue begging forgiveness

Unnamed note pasted on Tagore’s statue begging forgiveness

The case of damage to Tagore's statue takes a funny turn.

Unnamed note pasted on Tagore’s statue begging forgiveness

3 days back, someone broke the statue of Rabindra Nath Tagore in the premises of RNT medical college. Prima facie it was a theft attempt by some miscreants. On Friday, the case took a funny turn. A note was pasted on the statue begging forgiveness. The note read:

Sir, we beg forgiveness for the damage caused to the statue. We had no intention of stealing or damaging it. It so happened that we were taking a selfie with the statue and suddenly one of us slipped as a result of which the force made the statue fall. We tried to put it back in place but it was too heavy to be lifted back in position. Hence we pulled it to a side and covered it with a piece of cloth. The next morning we returned to make an attempt to place it back, but seeing a lot of crowd we got scared and left. We repeat that there was no mal-intention and our negligence caused it to fall. We beg your pardon and assure the society and the hospital that we will never do any wrong in future.

Police investigations say that the letter in the note bears Bhojpuri language. There are all the probabilities that there could be some medical students of the college itself. Police is now investigating the matter even more deeply.

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