Update on missing boy spotted moving freely

Update on missing boy spotted moving freely

Missing boy found in Delhi to Udaipur train.

Update on missing boy spotted moving freely

The missing boy who was supposedly kidnapped was detained by Udaipur police in Nasirabad when he boarded the train from Delhi to Udaipur.

Police suspected foul play in the kidnapping of this 16 year old boy since he was spotted moving freely at railway station. Based on mobile locations, it was assessed that the boy had gone to Delhi. This boy’s father received phone calls asking for 50 lakh rupees as ransom but later the ransom amount was settled at 3 lakhs. CCTV footages showed him moving around without any fear at the railway station.

He was detained by police at Nasirabad while he was in train from Delhi to Udaipur. Interrogations revealed that he was annoyed with his parents and the thought of giving them a lesson popped up in his mind giving it a kidnapping turn. He downloaded an app from play store and kept police and parents on toes by making international calls with the help of this app which changed his voice modulations. He said that he had gone to Delhi and made all ransom calls from there.

When the ransom amount was settled for a much less amount as previously demand and the date and venue were decided, his father informed police about the call. Police was shocked to see incoming international calls on the phone of boy’s father. After analysing thoroughly, a team was sent to Delhi to trace the boy. He will now be taken for counselling.

The boy had also sent photograph of so called kidnapper by clicking a random photograph of tea vendor at the railway station. Even while making ransom calls, he became emotional and fumbled which made the police suspicious of foul play. Police even interrogated his friends and relatives separately and one of the friends revealed that he was planning to go to Delhi.

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