Wall broken for water passage at Goverdhan Sagar-Safety issues

Wall broken for water passage at Goverdhan Sagar-Safety issues

Level of water in Goverdhan Sagar needs to be maintained at 9 feet.

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Wall broken for water passage at Goverdhan Sagar-Safety issues

Leakage in Goverdhan Sagar pal followed by the sinking of the land aroused public agitation. This ultimately resulted in strict directives being issued by Collector Anandi and relevant officers were seen rushing to the area. ADM (Administration) Naresh Bunkar, Commissioner Municipal Corporation Ankit Singh, SE Mukesh Pujari and Engineers from Water Resource Department went to Goverdhan Sagar to inspect the site.

Public once again expressed their wrath over this as the officers had visited this place on 20th June as well when there was hardly any water in Goverdhan Sagar. Even then, the cracks in the pal were clearly visible and could have been mended on time. Despite this, Municipal Corporation remained negligent. The level of the area of water flow was also not taken care of as a result of which the situation became even more difficult.

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As per reports, the teams tried to open the gates of the pal on Wednesday but they couldn’t as the wall constructed at the gates proved to be an obstruction and blocked the flow of water. The wall near the gates had to be broken with iron rods which then allowed the flow of water. As per the Executive Engineer of the Irrigation Department, if the level of Goverdhan Sagar crosses 9 feet which is its total capacity, situation is likely to go out of control. The level needs to be maintained at 9 feet anyhow.

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