Woman loses 1.19 lakh rupees through card cloning

Woman loses 1.19 lakh rupees through card cloning

Woman's bank account robbed by card cloning.

Woman loses 1.19 lakh rupees through card cloning

A woman became a victim of ATM fraud while she was still in possession of her ATM card. The fraud came to light when her cheque bounced. Rekha Kumawat of Tulsi Nagar in Bhuwana discovered the fraud after 15 days when the cheque she had issued to someone bounced. Her account was short of 1.19 lakh rupees. The matter has been reported to Sukher police.

Rekha has an account with Canara Bank. Money was withdrawn from her account through ATMs in Rishabhdev and Maharashtra. 40 thousand rupees were withdrawn from Rishabhdev ATM on 2nd February and 79, 500 rupees were withdrawn from an ATM in Ahmednagar in Maharashtra on 4th and 5th February. The total amount of 1.19 lakh rupees was withdrawn in 11 attempts. She said that she got a message of certain amount withdrawn from her account couldn’t get details. Recently when she issued a cheque to someone, it bounced and this is when she discovered that her account had been robbed.

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Cyber experts say that the amount was most likely withdrawn by means of card cloning. There are all the possibilities that when the woman withdrew some amount from some ATM, there was a card scanner installed at the machine and the moment she swiped her card, the details were recorded in the scanner machine. These details were used by someone who robbed her account off the entire amount later by card cloning. Police is now investigating the details.

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