Indians Can Travel Maldives and Seychelles Visa Free

Indians Can Travel Maldives and Seychelles Visa Free

Maldives mostly attract tourists from India, China, Russia, UK, Italy and Germany...

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Maldives and Seychelles continue to draw in tourists from around the globe, thanks to their visa-free travel policies. With their welcoming visa policies and dedication to sustainability, the Maldives and Seychelles are poised to continue attracting travelers 

Maldives Tourism Surge

The Maldives has seen a significant influx of tourists, notably from India, China, Russia, the UK, Italy and Germany. This surge has increased the country's tourism sector, which contributes 30% to its GDP. The Maldives' strategy of increasing goods and services tax rates has further supported its robust growth in hospitality.

The Maldives, celebrated for its turquoise waters and upscale resorts, stands at the forefront of global tourism with its visa-free policy. It features renowned attractions such as Conrad Maldives Rangali Island and Velana International Airport, crucial in supporting its thriving hospitality industry.

Seychelles Tourism 

While offering visa-free access like its counterpart, Seychelles welcomed 384,204 visitors in 2023. This Indian Ocean archipelago, known for its pristine beaches and lush landscapes, relies heavily on tourism, which constitutes 31% of its GDP. Top attractions like Raffles Seychelles and Seychelles International Airport continue to charm visitors.

Emphasis on Sustainable Tourism

Both destinations prioritize sustainable tourism practices to preserve their natural beauty and cultural heritage. This commitment underscores their efforts to maintain their status as sought-after global destinations.

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